Brooklyn in Redemption, 2013 Toggle

Brooklyn in Redemption, 2013

Here I am, in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, USA, during Jouvay or J’Ouvert on Monday, September 2nd 2013.
Caribbean Diaspora in North America with its multi-performing meanings of night carnival’s version.
Sound of steel drums, Haitians horns, Blue devils, jab contemporary molassies mixed with French Caribbean burlesque weddings, samba movement that are imbued with the dutty Jamaican winin’.
Ole dresses and corn soups, baby powder, biers, rhum, zombies and nowadays urban slaves with the revival of Nnègres Gwo Siwo.
The plural personal, familiar and ancestral memory is performed along the dark area from the Grand Army Plaza.
No one is in, no one is out.
We are just in the brackets of souls that show one of the identity questions in the diasporic and American-cultural belonging as a constant and troubled “work in progress” of a new rainbow society.
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