Vertiges in Chicago, 2013 Toggle


Thinking about the sensation of “vertige” dizzines, vertigo, during a trip to Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The Windy city. The fresheness, the terrific sound, the physical power that is giving you a condition of passivity. You are in the middle of the wind. you are in the middle of the city, you are in the middle of the awesomeness.

But maybe, am I the wind? Am I the city? Am I the awesomeness?

This experimental visual project need to be seen as an adveture in myself.

I leave getting into me, in my experiences.

Emptiness. Fullness. Waiting. Vibrations. Sounds. Relations. Rhytmic cadence of daily  gaze. Upsidedown the world is talking to us in a multi way of languages.

Just a little taste of The Dizziness from Multi Sensations.