Traversée Transverse experimental ethnografic viual project with Villa Diaclase, France Toggle

Every 2 months there will be a visual publication about my PhD and inspirations from the field research, Trinidad and Tobago islands.

The video takes us to the island of Trinidad from a diving experience, in memory of the first visits by boat by colons and slave trades.

As I say in the introduction speech: the amniotic fluid en a metaphoric element.

The ocean and the milk on the Hindu lingam (seen in double exposure) recalled the legacies of Indo&African descendants as a source of cultural and social creativity.

The heartbeat is voluntarily adopted to remind the state of long apnea when you swim in the water.

The images  in water want to show the ritual of assimilation and cultural origin.

In these pictures the Jombies (spirits of African ancestors showed during carnival) are colored blue like water and as the Blue Devils, the typical carnival mask of the island.

The first music is a Venezuelan Parang that you can listen during the Christmas period. The second is socially engaged on the situation in the area of Laventille music: the center of the visible crime on the island. The third music is the famous Matilda played by Steel-bands (national instrument) and the last is a song of Trinidad Calypso icon explains the sweetness of the Trinidadian culture.

Photos are pumps oil, Jombies Moko, a village of fishermen in Tobago and the many gates of Trini’s houses.
In addition: the Steel drums played by a mixed primary school, a great costume of the “Competition Queenscarnival 2014.
The overlay images of a small musician in the Maracas Obatala Festival, the Orisha (African heritage) and the festival of Holi or Pagwa (as they call locally) of Hindu heritage.
The theater of performing arts NAPA in the end.