Toronto Saldenah Mas’ Camp, Queens, Kings, creations and emotions. Toggle

32_DSC8113ok©July 2013, I arrived at the Saldenah Mas’ camp.

After almost one hour by bus from Toronto downtown where I lived, I arrived in the industrial area of Scharboroug. People from all over the world are in my bus.

Bus stop.

A long street full of factories on my left. They look like all the same: typical mill buildings brown in quarrel with small and square windows done in series. Chines Cars shops, containers. But in one, That One, something different was happening.

The presence of music, traces of little and coloured feathers lied on the floor in the entrance of that “normal” building.

They were like a path that disappeared at the entrance of the street.

Vrrrrrr. Vrrrrrr.

The vibrations of subwoofers were trembling in my body. I got in the place of the creation of the translational “Queen in Wonderland”.

This path wis a trace of the runaway Cinderella  on her contemporary and motored pumpkin, she is getting ready for the urban “ball room” at the Craibana.



Here there’s the creation of that fairy tale that happens during just one day along the street of the Toronto’s centre.


Between Rum, corn soups, smiles and soca. Here I am.

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