I was born in the ’85 in Verona, the city of romantic Shakesperian novel and in the soft lighting flares of Garda Lake.

After an Undergraduate study  in Philosophy with an Hermeneutic Phenomenological analysis of Ecstasy, I continued my education with a Master in Philosophy following the Diotima’s “Thinking of the difference”, in Verona, and I graduated also in Anthropology and Ethnology of the Emotions and Embodiment at the EHESS in Paris, France.

Studying through interviews, photographic productions and Participant Anthropology  the cathartic experience of carnival in the English-speaking Caribbean island, Trinidad, I continue my search in the same location on the notion of Carnavalesque in the street performance and contemporary art.

Currently I live in the sparkling Paris, and I move yearly between  Toronto and Port of Spain.

Photographically after several workshops with photo-reporter and performance photographers including Alessandra Garusi, Silvia Lelli, Shobha Battaglia, I had a Specialization degree in Visual Anthropology with Graciela Iturbide and Cristina Rodero, Francesco Marano and Francesco Faeta in Rome, Italy at ISFCI.

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